SXinney Rich

SXinney Rich :: Combined & Simplified. Connect The Dots!

“What’s very interesting is that when we look at our human bodies, we look at our body as a singular entity when it turns out, no, if I could reduce us to a small size, the size of a cell, and put you inside your body, rather than seeing a single entity, what you would see is a metropolis with 50 Trillion citizens.
— Bruce Lipton


We believe SXinney is a state of mind, and heart.  

Energy emanates.  We have seen super "skinny" folk whom emanate much differently than those of, shall we say, larger proportions! (Does that work?) 

SXinney is as Sxinney Does. 

We are what we drink!

And, We drink SXinney.

As such, our physical body, thus "Spirit" emanates accordingly. 

That, is our current definition of this play, on words. 



The Greatest Wealth is health.

When you have that you have everything.  When you don't, you have nothing. 

We strive to live in a world where you have everything, in abundance.

It is possible, 


When you are confident, your confidence spills over into every area of you life.

That is what we do.

That is who we are. 

That is the journey we are on.



SXinney Rich.

We have purposely named ourselves.

Obvious, yes?

These two words conjure up all kinds of both true, and false, notions. 

We are here to enhance what these words may, and/or may not, mean to you. 

SXinney Rich to us is the ultimate lifestyle, no matter your money or your looks. 

We are interested in the energetics of it all. 

The rest takes care of itself.